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Friday 13 May 2005

Harry Potter Children's Press Conference Weekend

Over the weekend of publication on Saturday 16th July, I'll be taking part in a wonderful (for me, anyway) launch event for 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland.

Seventy aspiring reporters will be attending the Harry Potter Children's Press Conference Weekend on behalf of English-language newspapers across the world.
On the stroke of midnight on Saturday 16th I'll be giving the very first reading from the book at Edinburgh Castle for the cub reporters, who will each be given a signed copy of the book. The reporters will then have the weekend to read the book in a specially created Reading Room at Edinburgh Castle, before attending the Children's Press Conference on Sunday 17th July to grill me about it.

Newspapers from Britain, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada will run competitions from 14th May onwards to select their own reporter. Bookshops and libraries in the UK and Republic of Ireland will also be running a competition.

The internet will not be neglected, either - the brains behind two of the most popular Harry Potter fansites, Melissa from the Leaky Cauldron, and Emerson from Mugglenet, will also be coming to Edinburgh to interview me for their respective readers. The results of this three-cornered chat will be posted on our separate websites.

For more details on how to become one of the reporters at Edinburgh Castle on 16th July, check this weekend's newspapers, or go to www.bloomsbury.com/harrypotter. You never know, I might be meeting you, too! Good luck!

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