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CHLG - The Children's Voice

The Children’s Voice campaign wants to make life better for young people in care; across Eastern Europe and ultimately across the whole of the modern world.

The campaign is run by The Children’s High Level Group (CHLG), and aims to stamp out cruelty, neglect and abuse of young people. Many of these children are forced to live in cramped, unhygienic and basic accommodation. Violence and bullying is a common occurrence and there are many cases of children being chained and caged. These are the sort of practices that we want to bring to an end, so that no child in the 21st century ever has to endure such appalling conditions again.

The CHLG also highlights the positive changes in child welfare that are beginning to take root in these countries, and are helping transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of children. CHLG's hope is that this will create a momentum for change across the whole of Europe.

The Children’s High Level Group (CHLG) is a charity whose mission is to improve the well-being, health and protection of vulnerable children and was founded by, amongst others, MEP Emma Nicholson and myself in 2005, when we were very deeply moved by the poverty, sickness and maltreatment of children and decided to act.

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